14 April 2012

Boudoir photoshoot in St Albans, Hertfordshire

I recently did a boudoir photoshoot near St Albans in Hertfordshire with the lovely Miss P.  We got a great selection of shots in the 2 hour session we had set aside and this also allowed for plenty of outfit changes.

I had booked a suite at one of the best hotels in the area so we had a venue that gave us plenty of space to have different set ups for the shots.  I have used this venue for other boudoir photo shoots and find the location convenient and the facilities superb.

Around a week before the shoot I sent Miss P a copy of my posing guide which illustrates a wide selection of boudoir photo poses.  I have found this helpful for clients as it can give them ideas on poses they might like to try out during a shoot and also ideas on outfits and accessories to bring to the shoot.

Anyway, on with the photos:
1. Lack of eye contact adds more drama

2. Adjusting the look

3. Vintage boudoir look

4. Vintage look with pearl necklace

5. My favourite shot from the session

6. Selective focus on the eyes and lips

7. Dreaming

8. Anonymous detail shot


10. Contemplation
Well there you have a selection of just 10 shots taken during the session.  I used a mixture of my studio lighting (just enough to achieve the looks I wanted without being overpowering) and natural light from the windows.  We ended up with enough shots for a complete photobook which is a popular option with my clients.

If you are interested in booking a boudoir photoshoot with me - perhaps you are getting married and want a suprise present for your fiance on the morning of your wedding day, or you want a gift for that special loved one in your life to celebrate a special occasion, then do get in touch to book a shoot.  Of course, you may just want to book a boudoir photoshoot just for yourself - why not give yourself that boost you deserve!

Do have a look at my dedicated boudoir photography website - Beautiful Boudoir Photos where you will find more examples of my boudoir photography, information about my services and a contact form to get in touch.