11 April 2008

Competition news

Had a great result this week at my camera club, XRR Photographic Society, when I scored my first 20 out of 20 in our print league competition and got chosen as best print in the set subject of 'Still life'.

My winning shot was of the Gerbera flower below:

Later in the evening I had even more success with my black and white version of my Millennium Bridge photo also scoring a 20. I've been waiting ages for a score of 20 for my photos entered into competition and lo and behold, I get 2 on one night! I've had more and more 19 scores recently but that elusive 20 has been missing. Not so any more.

The result gave me first place overall in the competition on points. Shame it was the last print competition in the league for this year. Still, it gives me added impetus to get out there and get more shots and to get working on next year's set subjects.