26 April 2010

New addition to the John Wood Photography Team

I’m absolutely delighted to announce that there has been an addition to the team at John Wood Photography. Our wonderful new daughter, Isabelle, was born on the 2nd April weighing in at 6lb 14oz. Obviously we’re totally smitten with her!

That’s the main reason why things have been a bit quiet here on my blog as there’s been just so much going on since the start of the year really!! I’ve had to relocate what was my office and kit store to another area and then we had to completely redecorate and set up the new nursery. Still, it gave me a chance to have a good de-clutter and sort through of things.

Fortunately I’ve been able to keep everything all up and running on the photography side of things and deal with orders etc as they’ve come in. I’ve even managed to enter local competitions – winning a set subject round of ‘Inclement Weather’ the other week.

I’ve certainly now got the chance to add to my baby photography portfolio over the coming months and am looking forward to recording Isabelle’s development. Babies sure do change quickly – it is already noticeable how more alert and aware of things she is.

23 April 2010

New portraiture lighting equipment – the Orbis™ Ringflash

To ensure that I can offer as wide a range of photographic lighting options as possible for clients, I decided to take the plunge and buy an Orbis™ Ringflash light modifier. It’s a piece of equipment that I’ve been toying with getting for a while now and having spoken to other users and seen examples of their work, I was sufficiently impressed enough to get one for myself.

The Orbis™ (pictured below) uses my existing speedlight flash guns and turns them into a ring flash unit which can be used to create stunning portraits with a ‘high-end magazine’ and fashion style look.

I’m really looking forward to using the Orbis™ in future photo shoots as well as taking advantage of the better weather we seem to be having lately and doing some more outdoor, on-location portraiture. I’ve got some great potential photo shoot locations lined up that I want to try out soon, so fingers crossed the weather will hold out for the foreseeable future!

As soon as I’ve had a chance to try out the Orbis™ properly, I’ll post some photos up in my flickr photostream.