7 November 2007

Processing, processing, processing!

Well that's what it feels like all I've been doing every night for the last couple of weeks. I've finally finished the photos from my friend's (Simon and Jane) wedding and have sent them their photos. I'm still finishing off the photos from another couple's (Kirsty and Josh) wedding which was a couple of week's ago now but am making good progress. Will hopefully have all the shots ready for them for when they get back off honeymoon early next week.

It's going to be nice to be able to get round to sorting out the backlog of my own shots which has been building up slowly. I had a really good early morning shoot down by the Grand Union Canal in Watford a few weeks ago now and managed to get some great sunrise / mist / frosty morning shots before work one day. Just need to go through and sort them out. Also have a few shots taken on our studio night at the camera club that I want to get over to Sarah who modelled for us.

Hopefully I'll be able to catch up in the next few days!

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