7 November 2007

Competition news

Well I had a really good night tonight in the second digital projected image competition of the season. I managed to get the highest score on points overall which I was really, really pleased with.

The set subject was 'people or person' and I entered a portrait that I took a few weeks ago and which I titled 'Mischief making'. The shot is below:

I love this shot and feel that it really captures a special moment. The portrait session itself had been really hard work and at first I was a little dis-heartened with the results but after taking a step back I saw that I'd caught some really good shots in the end. I just love the little girl's expression. In the competition it scored 19 out of 20.
The 2 shots I used in the open category were one of my new shots taken in London one evening a few weeks ago, down by the River Thames and shows the Millennium Bridge and the other entry was of St Patrick's Cathedral in New York taken with my wide angle lens. I got scores of 17 and 19 out of 20 respectively, which I was more than happy with.
Hopefully the success will continue......

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