4 February 2009

Sarah's maternity shoot

Following on from the trial run back in November, I had the main pregnancy shoot with Sarah at the weekend. We set up the 'studio' in her conservatory and spent a good couple of hours shooting different poses and set up.

I ended up with some great shots that I'm working through at the moment but have been very happy with what I've done so far. As usual, Sarah was game for a laugh and we got some fun shots of her in her partner's Liverpool football shirt along with the more classical shots taken during a preganacy shoot.

The shot below is just a quickly caught portrait from the session and hopefully once Sarah has seen the final images she'll be happy for me to post some of the bump shots so you can see the finished results.

One prop I did find really useful during the shoot was a couple of lengths of voile fabric which allowed Sarah to remain covered up but with careful positioning let us catch the real magic of her pregnancy.

With more and more women wanting to capture memories of the wonderful changes they are undergoing during their pregnancies, this is an area of my photography that I hope to expand into when potential clients see what can be produced.

Thanks again to Sarah for the fun shoot - am sure you're not going to be disappointed with the results.

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