6 October 2007

Just over a day to go!

Well, the exhibition has been fast approaching and it's felt like a lot of my spare time has been getting to grips with cutting mounts and framing photographs, sending out invites to friends and family and sorting out my greetings cards.

Finally they're all ready to go and tomorrow (Sunday) is set up day. I'm really looking forward to seeing my prints on display at the exhibition and also to welcoming everyone to the preview night on Monday.

For a while on Friday I didn't think the greetings cards were going to make it - the printer had a bit of a nightmare but at 8pm I received delivery of 8 of my 10 designs. The remaining two will have to be printed on Monday - hopefully!

I spent a lot of Friday night and Saturday packing them up with their matching envelopes and sliding them into their protective cellophane pouches but I'm really pleased with the final result.

Roll on Monday!

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